May 21, 2022


Don't Let Them In, Don't Let Them See, Don't You Know There’s Data Privacy!

Atty. Gerard Castillo, guest speaker of the event during his talk about data privacy.

The PATTS Avionics Society (PAVIOS) has once again brought to the table the importance of our privacy as humans by organizing a webinar entitled, “Don't Let Them In, Don't Let Them See, Don't You Know There’s Data Privacy!” for participants to dig into.

Relevant in the digital world especially to online learning, the Information Security Awareness Webinar was discussed by Atty. Gerard Castillo, currently a Contract Manager, where he tackled several keynotes to remember about the Republic Act 10173 or most commonly known as the Data Privacy Act of 2012.

Atty. Castillo spearheaded his discussion by giving a brief background about Data Privacy and Data Protection on how they go hand-in-hand stating, “Without data protection, there would be no data privacy.”

He also discussed and gave examples regarding the consequences of processing personal information without regard to privacy– loss of trust to an organization, loss of self-determination, physical harm, and exclusion.

The National Privacy Commission (NPC) was briefly discussed by Atty. Castillo, emphasizing how the agency regulates personal information where they can receive complaints, institute investigations, issue cease and desist orders, and more functions. In addition, the speaker also discussed the different sections under the Data Privacy Act, duties of Personal Information Controller, rights, and consents before ending his discussion.

When data that should be kept private gets in the wrong hands, bad things can happen. Hence, it is just right to realize the significance of this Act as we continue to live in this digital world.