November 21, 2022


Battle of the Bands

AvTech students and college instructors gathered in the activity room last November 21, 2022 to witness an epic battle performance called "BANDEMIC PLAYLIST: Songs During Pandemic" in a rock and roll battle of the band competition of the BS Avionics Technology Department. 

Anteiku, Sta. Ines, Numero Syete, Hinang, and Jade, with five band members each, were the home-grown bands that competed. Each band was introduced to the crowd and each band set had to fill approximately fifteen minutes with two song performances. The talented bands did strike a chord in the audience as they infused their own style to different music genres, giving the entire spectators a reason to sing their hearts out and move to the beat as they took over the stage with their powerful performances.  The Battle of the Bands 2022  was, indeed, a success - Sta. Ines won 2nd Place, Hinang won First Place and the best of the best that emerged was Jade as Bandionics 2022 Champion.  Further, Mr. Ralph Louise Felix was recognized as the Best Lead Guitarist, Mr. Richard Angelo Cuartero as the Best Drummer, and a special award for People's Choice was given to Jade. 

PAVIOS' guest band, Triple A (Alumni Students of Avionics), sang songs that were catchy and delivered their sets with excitement and joy to the crowds, which  definitely contributed to the event's overall sense of amazement.