PATTS Volleyball Team Brought Home the Bacon


     Hard work. Discipline. Sacrifice. These are the words that best describe the PATTS Volleyball Team. Seahorses once again dominated the volleyball playing field, finishing the 9th Season of Inter-Scholastic Athletic Association as champions for men and 1st runner up for women's.


     In an interview with Coach Benjamin V. Hernandez Jr., PATTS Athletics Director and Men’s Volleyball Coach, he reveals the behind-the-scenes in their journey as a team in this year's season.


   The players' ability is not the only aspect to a team's success. The other is their dedication and determination to become the best they can be.  Although there were a few drawbacks, such as simultaneous academic activities and maintaining their grades, Coach Hernandez sees to it that they get it together to be able to perform at their best.  Their sense of responsibility and maturity guided them in these difficult hours.


    Legends wake up at six in the morning to train.  Training didn't come easy but they always worked hard, sometimes even sacrificing their weekends to do so. This is manifested by the awards received by the players. For the Men's Division, Tristan Lopez was named Most Valuable Player, Lander Amparo for Best Setter, Bench Mateo for Open Spiker, and James Bradley Alias for Best Libero. For the Women's Division, Jean Ann Movillon was named Best Libero, Althea Peña for Open Spiker, and Angelica Piathong for Center Spiker.


     The team experienced high levels of pressure when it came to the court. However, it was a challenge the Seahorses and the Lady Seahorses were willing to take in exchange for their titles. "They weren’t going to let themselves down," Coach Hernandez adds.


    There were ups and downs in the Lady Seahorses’ journey to become the first runner up but they did not let it faze them. They started from nothing but with their hardworking coach Ms. Cymberlyn A. Bonto, the entire team worked their way to where and who they are now. The Lady Seahorses had a rough start but Coach Benjie and Coach Bonto were glad they got to the championship game. Both coaches were proud that the players have come a long way.


    Indeed, PATTS nurtures the best, not only in the field of aviation but also in the world of sports and action. Will the Seahorses be able to defend their title as champions? Will the Lady Seahorses finally be the Queen of the court next year? Their destiny shall unfold in the next season of ISAA.



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