The demand for Aeronautical Engineers in the Aviation industry is steady and continuous. Career opportunities in this field are as varied and open as the skies. The advancement of aerospace technology throughout the world is dependent to a large degree on Aeronautical Engineers. The present rate of growth in the country has caused a constant need for qualified men in the field.


The Aeronautical Engineering curriculum strives to prepare students for technological service and leadership and to make them adaptable to a variety of challenges in the aviation industry. Graduates of this profession are actively engaged in the work of planning, design, structure analysis, construction and repair, supervision, operation of systems and advanced facilities necessary in the development of the industry. Graduates of this course are presently employed in the Civil Airworthiness Authorities, Aircraft Operators, Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Companies, and other aviation agencies here and abroad.



Career Opportunities:


• Aircraft Design Engineer

• Aircraft Structural & Power Plant Engineer

• Aircraft Operation / Performance Engineer

• Research & Development Engineer

• Aeronautical Engineering Consultant


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