1. Freshmen:

            1.1 Original High School Card (Form 138) or its equivalent.

            1.2 Current certificate of Good Behavior issued by the Guidance Counselor or High School Principal.

            1.3 Three (3) 1 x 1 I.D. color pictures.

            1.4 Photocopy of Birth Certificate.

            1.5 Entrance Examination result for degree courses. Download form here.


     2. Transferees:

            2.1 Certificate of Permission to Transfer (Transfer Credential).

            2.2 Certified True Copy of Grades or Transcript of Records (for reference / evaluation purposes).

            2.3 Certificate of Good Behavior issued by the Guidance Counselor.

            2.4 Three (3) 1 x 1 I.D. color pictures.

            2.5 Photocopy of Birth Certificate.

            2.6 Entrance Examination result for degree courses. (Download form here.)


            NOTE: All transferees are placed under probation.

                  •A maximum of 18 units only is allowed for a transferee.

                  •Transferees with incomplete requirements.


     3.   Aliens / Foreign Students:

           Immigrants or Permanent Residents and Native-Born Aliens are required to submit the following:

            3.1 Two (2) photocopies of their ACR (Alien Certificate of Registration) in addition to the admission

                   requirements for freshmen.

            3.2 Study Permit from the Foreign Students and Foreign School Office of the Commission on Higher

                   Education (CHED).

            3.3 Certificate of Advanced Credits, if any, from CHED.




     1.  Schedules

            1.1 January / February                             Saturdays                    10:00 AM

            1.2 March / April / May / mid-June          Daily                              10:00 AM and 1:00 PM

            1.3 July / August / September                Saturdays                     10:00 AM

            1.4 October / mid-November                 Daily                              10:00 AM and 1:00 PM

            1.5 December                                          Saturdays                     10:00 AM


     2.  Procedures for Entrance Exam

            2.1 Present all requirements to the Admissions & Evaluations Officer and fill-up the application form.

            2.2 Proceed to the Cashier's Office for payment. An Entrance Examination Slip will be issued; present this

                   to the Exam Facilitator on the day of examination.



     1.  Advisers

            1.1 Proceed to the respective Course Adviser

            1.2 Secure the Pre-enrollment Form, Admission Slip and the Pledge and Commitment Form.

            1.3 Copy the schedule of preference from schedule posted at the bulletin board

            1.4 Return to the Course Adviser for approval of pre-enrollment form with the enrollment requirements

                   attached to it.


                      NOTE: Freshmen, Transferees, and Students under Probation are advised to proceed to the

                      Screening Committee for approval.


     2.  Accounting Office

            2.1 Secure the Certificate of Enrollment (COE) Form.


     3.  Advisers

            3.1 Submit the accomplished Certificate of Enrollment (COE) to Advisers for final approval.


     4.  NSTP Office

            4.1 See NSTP Office for enrollment and other related concerns.


     5. Bookstore

            5.1  Pay for test booklets, NSTP, PE T-shirts and ID sling.


     6.  Assessment Section

            6.1 Get breakdown of enrollment fees.


     7. Cashier’s Office:

            7.1 Prepare exact amount for fees

                     Note: Official Reciepts and the Scholastic Rating Report Card (SRR) will be released at the Class

                                Card Section. Check payors are given five days clearing period subject to accomplishment of

                                the Personal Undertaking Form.


     8.  Class Card Section

            8.1 Fill up the classcards and return them after filling them up.

            8.2 Request for Official Receipt of tuition fee payment and other related fees, and the SRR.


     9.  Medical/ Dental Clinic

            9.1 Submit to the physical and dental examinations


     10. Library

            10.1 Application and validation of ID

            10.2 Wait for the release of the student copy of the Certificate of Enrollment

                     Note: New students should submit 1 copy of 1x1 ID color photo for Library Card. Old students must

                                surrender their old ID's.



     1.  Secure Cross-enrollment Permit from the Registrar of the School of origin.

     2.  Present the said permit to the PATTS Registrar for review and recommendation of acceptance.

     3.  Proceed to enrollment adviser/course chairperson for approval.

     4.  Follow the steps for enrollment.

                     Note: Cross-enrollment of subject not specified in the permit is not allowed.




     1.  Write a letter to the PATTS Registrar requesting permission for cross-enrollment to the desired school.

     2.  Secure a written approval from the Registrar of the desired school.

     3.  Apply for the issuance of permit to cross-enroll at the PATTS Registrar’s Office. Permit shall be released

          on a designated date.



Returning Students are students who stopped schooling for a semester or more.

     1.  Present to adviser the SSR (Student Scholastic Record), Copy of Grades of the last semester attended,

          and the school I.D.

     2.  Get the endorsement from the Screening Committee for re-admission.

     3.  Follow the steps for enrollment.



     1.  Secure form for shifting course form from the Registrar’s Office.

     2.  Attach the Certificate of Enrollment (COE) and Classcards of subjects enrolled in the previous

          semester, and school ID to the Shifting Course Form .

     3.  Secure the approval of the VP for Academic Affairs if under academic probation.

     4.  Pay the necessary fee at the Cashier’s Office.

     5.  Proceed to the Registrar’s Office for Evaluation of Grades.

     6.  Present the forms and other enrollment documents to the Course Adviser.

     7.  Follow the steps for enrollment.




     1.  Academic Probation

            1.1 Any student who gets a semestral weighted average of a rating lower than 3.00 in Degree Courses

                  and 3.50 in other courses shall be subjected to personal undertaking.

            1.2 Any student who has not passed or earned credit in at least 50% of his approved study load during

                  the preceding semester may not be eligible for enrollment in the following semester; if allowed, he/

                  she must be placed on academic probation in which the following rules shall apply.

                     1.2.1 On the first Academic Probation (AP-1), the study load will be a maximum of 18 units;

                     1.2.2 On the second Academic Probation (AP-2), the study load will be a maximum of 15 units; and

                     1.2.3 Only the College President if ever, may allow the third Academic Probation (AP-3).

                          Note: In any case, the study load of any student must not be less than 12 units unless graduating.


    2. Disciplinary Probation:

            2.1 Students who commit minor or less serious offenses shall seek approval from the VP for Student


            2.2 Students who commit major offenses shall seek endorsement from the Guidance Counselor and

                  approval from the VP for Student Affairs.




    1. Entrance Scholarships

         Applicants for entrance scholarships must file their application with the Registrar's Office and submit the

            certification issued by the principal concerned indicating the award or honor received together with the

            total number of graduates (which must not be less than 100). The Registrar shall make an endorsement

            to the VP for Academic Affairs. The latter shall make his recommendation to the College President.

                     1.1 High School Veledictorian - One hundred percent (100%) refund on tuition fee

                     1.2 High School Salutatorian  - Fifty percent (50%) refund on tuition fee

           Note: Scholarship is renewed for the succeeding semester only it the scholar obtains the weighted

                      average required.


     2.  Academic Scholarships

           Applicants for academic scholarships must file their application with the Registrar's Office and submit the

           classcards and registration form for the semester. The applicant should have obtained the General

           Weighted Average (GWA) required for the scholarship. The Registrar shall evaluate the applicant's

           scholastic record and submit the evaluation results to the VP for Academic Affairs. The latter shall make

           his recommendation to the College President.


           Type                                    Weighted Average                   Minimum Load                   Lowest Grade

           Full Scholar                             1.00- 1.50                                 18 units                                  1.75

           Partial Scholar                       1.51- 1.75                                 18 units                                  2.00


           2.1 Full Scholars enjoy one hundred percent (100%) scholarship in the next semester's enrollment.

           2.2 Partial Scholars enjoy fifty percent (50%) scholarship in the next semester's enrollment.



      The Run-up and Taxi (RT) Program is offered and integrated in the curriculum of all PATTS Technical courses.

      It gives the student the opportunity to experience one (1) hour lecture (briefing / orientation) and thirty (30)

      minutes hands-on and actual operation of a trainer aircraft under the guidance and tutelage of a licensed and

      qualified pilot / mechanic / ground instructor. The said training covers the familiarization of airplane parts,

      instruments, controls, and communication systems. It also includes a thorough study on procedures of

      engine starting, engine shut down, emergency and undergo an actual run-up and taxi operations. Since all

      students required to take-up this program have earned a good background of aircrafts / operation of aircrafts /

      aircraft systems, the program is intended to prepare the students for the actual hands-on running up and

      taxiing of the aircraft.





    Numerical Grade       Equivalent in                    Significance

                                           Percent (%)


             1.00                         99-100                        Marked Excellence

             1.25                         96-98                          Excellent

             1.50                         93-95                          Marked Superiority

             1.75                         90-92                          Very Superior

             2.00                         87-89                          Superior

             2.25                         84-86                          Very Good

             2.50                         81-83                          Good

             2.75                         78-80                          Fair

             3.00                         75-77                          Passed

             5.00                         74 and below              Failed

             F.A.                                                             Failure due to absences

             W.P.                                                            Withdrawn with permission

             INC                                                              Failure to take Periodical Exam